Brief Introduction to the Graduate School of LZU

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The postgraduate education in Lanzhou University (LZU) began in 1954. After the implementation of the national degree system in 1981, with the approval of the State Council, LZU became the first group of institutions to confer doctoral and master degrees. Since then, LZU’s postgraduate education has entered a new track of healthy development. In June 2000, the Ministry of Education (MOE) approved establishment of LZU’s Graduate School. In 2010, LZU became one of the 58 degree-granting institutes with the autonomous power of establishing first-level disciplines for both doctoral and master degrees.


There are now 535 doctoral supervisors and 1,668 master supervisors at LZU. Among them, 15 are academicians serving at the Chinese Academy of Science or the Chinese Academy of Engineering,10 are leading talents listed in the “Ten-Thousand Talents Program”, and 18 are distinguished visiting professors listed in the “Changjiang Scholar Program” of MOE.


Postgraduate education in LZU covers a wide range of disciplines with distinctive characteristics, offers 23 doctoral degree programs, 45 master programs, 1 professional Ph.D program, 18 professional master programs. During the third round of disciplinary assessment conducted by MOE in 2012, six disciplines of LZU entered China’s top 10. In March 2016, twelve of LZU’s disciplines are ranked the top 1% globally by Essential Science Indicators (ESI), among which Chemical Science is ranked in the top 1‰ globally by ESI.


With unremitting efforts and endurance, LZU has explored a unique model of building a comprehensive, research-oriented and high-level postgraduate education by wisely coordinating its educational scale with strategic development. It has established a comprehensive and complete postgraduate training system that nurtures innumerable talents for the country. There are more than 14,000 postgraduate students studying at LZU, including more than 2,500 doctoral students, 10,500 master students, and 1,000 non-degree graduate students.


Postgraduate students of LZU have performed extremely well. 8 doctoral theses were awarded “National Outstanding Doctoral Dissertations”. Since 2014, 29 doctoral theses were awarded “Excellent Doctoral Dissertations” in Gansu Province, 51 master theses were awarded “Excellent Master Dissertations” in Gansu province. Besides, 20 doctoral candidates won the Innovative New Scholar’s Award of MOE. According to incomplete statistics, 11 graduate alumni now serve as academicians of the two academies.


LZU adheres to the core value of comprehensively improving the quality of high-level education and strives to create an academic atmosphere that advocates excellence and innovation. By launching the LZU Scholars’ Forum and the annual postgraduate academic forum, LZU succeeded in building a platform stimulating academic exchange, innovation, and inspiration. Such an academic environment has boosted LZU’s ranking among Chinese universities regarding “innovative postgraduate research.”


LZU encourages international exchanges and cooperation. It has established academic exchanges with 147 universities and research institutions in 34 countries and regions, including the United States, Japan, United Kingdom, France, Canada, Germany, and Australia. A large number of foreign experts and scholars are invited for academic visits and lectures each year. LZU also sets up special funds to encourage outstanding postgraduate students to attend high-level international academic conferences and short-term international workshops, to broaden their global vision and improve the portfolio of postgraduate education.


LZU is exceptionally concerned about the quality of postgraduate supervision and result evaluation. It has established a high quality management of postgraduate education, with standardized training process of degree graduates, and strengthened self-assessment of degree authorization.


LZU’s postgraduate education has achieved remarkable results. Standing at a new historical starting point, LZU is ready to reinforce its postgraduate education on its way to building itself into a globally first-class university with first-class disciplines. It will uphold its motto, “To strive unremittingly, to stand out.” Driven by its commitment to the community and the society, LZU will devote itself to the improvement of postgraduate educational quality, to the intensification of reform, and the advancement of innovation for a shared future for all.


(Data presented in this page is accurate as of November 2, 2018.)